Thank you God for giving us the courage to rise and change

Posted on March 9, 2008




Yesyerday, we resisted the forces that have long sought to keep us divided. 

Yesterday, anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia found the strength and the courage to lay the foundation for a nation of a single people.

A single people who will build this country on the foundation of justice and equality for all.

All praise is due to God.

The work has just begun.

Much needs to be done.

I have given you, my fellow anak Bangsa Malaysia, a pledge and, by God, I will deliver on my pledge.

My friends and I who have been working on the several initiatives through this blog will be taking a short and much needed break.

Then we’ll be back to continue with the unfinished business of restoring this country back to its people.

Thank you, God, for the strength You give us.

Makkal Sakti! Makkal Sakti! Makkal Sakti!