Give the Barisan Rakyat YBs a chance!

Posted on March 12, 2008



We allowed this country to be screwed big time for 38 years!

8th March, despite all the lies and spin-doctoring by the MSM, we finally summoned up the courage and the strength to vote some good people into Parliament and the state assemblies.

We disregarded the rubbish in the papers, were steadfast, and, as one people, found it in ourselves to vote for change!

Are we now going to succumb to the BN race card?

Are we now going to lap up all the lies that MSM will spin about our Barisan Rakyat YBs?

I believe every single Barisan Rakyat MP and ADUN that we have elected has our interests at heart. It does not then matter to me what race or religion he or she is.

They are our reps!

Have some faith in them, please.

Our YBs will need time and space to clean up the huge BN mess.

Give them a chance to settle in and do the job that we elected them to do.


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