YBs, honour the voters choice!

Posted on March 12, 2008



Rumours abound that BN is propositioning PKR Selangor state assembly reps with a promise of RM5m each if they cross over to BN.

It was also rumoured that DSAI was in East Malaysia to try and get BN parliamentarians from Sabah and Sarawak to cross over to Barisan Rakyat.

I am comforted by the assurance by DSAI as reported in Malaysiakini that BR  ‘will not (make an) offer (to) anyone to join us (either) with millions of ringgit or with expectations’.

We don’t want the reps we have elected to succumb to unscrupulous offers. Similarly, we must demand that BN reps elected by the rakyat should also honour the choice of those voters.

If indeed there are BN elected reps contemplating a cross-over to BR, they should, in my view, revert to the voters in their constituency and get their consent before doing so.

Anything short of that would amount to an immoral fraud perpetrated on the voters concerned.

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