Need another reason to boycott the local newspapers next week?

Posted on March 22, 2008




I received the following e-mail from MA a couple of day ago. He’s just consented to my posting it here.

I’m a regular middle class  Malaysian.

 Though I’m no supporter of Anwar nor the non-BN parties, I am disgusted by RTM when they aired a short clip showing many faces of Anwar such as “Anwar Ulama, Anwar Penari, Anwar Penyanyi…” & more recently the interviews with the leaders of Komtar protestors. 

I’ve written emails to the leading newspapers (NSTP, The Star etc) on the two subjects but have yet to receive any acknowledgment from the Editors (despite it’s so easy to click “reply” & reply with the legal disclaimer bla bla). 

Seems they prefer to play “dead” & hope this sentiment will go away – boy they are WRONG! 

This kind of action only make the Rakyat more passionate in demanding a reform! 

Even TV3 also didnt reply my email.. 

So Haris, I hope you can do something.


Many of you have written in with comments that this effort to rahibilitate the MSM should now turn its attention to the advertisers.

The Hartal MSM committee has been working on this feverishly and the launch of this phase of our efforts is imminent.

Stay with us, please.


Many of you who will be lending us your support on the forthcoming week-long boycott will be first time boycotters of the MSM.

At the end of the boycott, we’d like to hear from you about how you kept to the boycott and yet managed to keep yourself informed about what was going on in the country and on the outside.

We’d like you to send an e-mail to and share your experience with the rest of us. I will post your little write-ups on a page created for this

And the Hartal MSM committee has decided to give to the first 10 persons who write in and have their write-ups posted a ‘Boycott the newspapers! No buy, no lies’ and a ‘Barisan Rakyat’ T-shirt at no charge.

We’ll even absorb the postage charges.

Selamat berboikot!