Frog MPs : A letter to Anwar

Posted on March 23, 2008



Pertinent excerpts from the letter :

‘I write now on behalf of the many voters whose choice of candidate and party to represent them are, based on the many newsreports, in serious jeopardy should defections by BN MPs come to pass. On their behalf, I ask that should you be approached by such MPs seeking to cross over, that you insist that your party will only accept them into your fold after they have first obtained the sanction of their voters to their proposed defection.

A statement from you now to confirm that no defecting MP will be accepted without such MP first getting the consent of the voters will go a long way to allay our concerns’

The letter in full – letter-to-dsai1

If my letter to DSAI reflects how you feel about this issue, I ask that you either send in a comment to this post to state your support, or send your own letter to DSAI and send a copy of the same to so that I can then post it here.

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