Who will lead the pack on the morning after?

Posted on March 28, 2008



I’m referring to the morning after the day that Pak Lah finds himself dumped by the wayside by UMNO.

Everything seems to be pointing to this as a foregone conclusion. 

Whether this will happen in the coming days, or by way of a ‘no confidence’ motion carried in Parliament when it convenes, or at the UMNO elections by year-end, it does look like Ole Big Ears is going down.

If he’s taken out at the UMNO elections, at least that would settle the presidency of UMNO and, as has become the convention, the PMship.

The question is, who will that be?

Will Kuli go through with his challenge to Pak Lah for the presidency? And if he does, would others also get into the fray? Can others, like Najib, for instance, afford not to?

What seems a certainty is that if removing Pak Lah is deferred to the UMNO elections, this would clearly leave the party split, and badly.

Not such a bad thing!

On the other hand, a ‘no confidence’ motion in Parliament carried through followed by OBE’s resignation from the PMship opens the way for the Agong to appoint as PM someone who, in His Majesty’s view, commands the confidence of the majority of the Dewan Rakyat.

And Najib cannot assume that this will be his defining moment! 

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