Fair & Accurate Media Week (5)

Posted on April 5, 2008


Birdseye sent this in as a comment. I thought it would get more attention here.


Members of E-group,

It’s time to vote for the name that you like best.

I had mentioned the following three factors that one should take into consideration when choosing the name in the post Fair & Accurate Media Week (3):

1. Our movement is for a free and fair media. A media that is able to report without fear or favor and will present a balanced view.

2. We are reaching for the grassroots so a Bahasa Malaysia title/name that can be understood by all races will be preferable.

3. A name that is simple and have a more ‘natural’ association with the cause. For example ‘Bersih’ is a movement for free, fair and clean elections. Even if one comes across this word and have never heard of the movement, one could deduce that this must have something to do with fairness, transparency or righteousness about something.

Another point to consider is whether the name will lend itself well when applied as a logo on merchandise like caps and T-shirts.

This poll closes at midnight on Sunday, 6th April, 2008.