Of men in denial & emerging maggots from the UMNO carcass!

Posted on April 7, 2008


Infighting and implosions in UMNO have again and again proven to be a source of great revelation to the rakyat.

Take the one that followed Anwar’s sacking in 1998.

The accusations and cross-accusations that followed.

The juicy details that emerged during the court trials, exposing so many weaknesses in our judicial system, our AG’s chambers and the government as a whole.

When UMNO was split into factions, the ‘who’s done what and to who’ that spilt out into the public space boggled. It just went on and on. 

Post the 12th GE, it’s happening again.

The Star this morning, under the headlines ‘Abdullah hits out at his critics’, reports that Pak Lah stressed that he ( Pak Lah ) was not a ‘lembik’ PM.

However, if you glean through the report, Pak Lah did not state why he is not ‘lembik’. He merely went about attacking Dr M, Ku Li and Anwar.

And in the process, shot himself again in his own foot. Silly bugger!

This is what he says of Dr M.

‘…during his time, he asked the media to ‘block out’ stories and photos of (former Prime Minister) Tun Hussein Onn and not give coverage to certain people?’

‘As for Operasi Lalang, don’t forget who’s responsible’

‘Many countries do not have confidence in our judiciary…so I thought I had to do something about it to restore confidence because the people are hoping for reforms in the judiciary’

True, Pak Lah, Dr M was responsible for muzzling the media, Ops Lalang and for messing up the judiciary! You had no hand in it then.

After all, you had sided with Ku Li’s Team B in 86/87 and had been left out of the cabinet until, what, 1991?

What did you do to improve things after you got into the cabinet in 1991? And if you already knew Dr M for what he was, why did you get into his cabinet in the first place? Why not fight him from the outside?

You had to do something to restore confidence in the judiciary, you say?

Like what?

Extend Fairuz’s term? After seeing the Lingam video?

Appoint Zaki to inspire public confidence?

Appoint a 3-man panel to verify authenticity of the video?

Restrict the terms of reference of the Royal Commission of Inquiry?

Pak Lah said this of Ku Li.

‘He was the reason Barisan lost Kelantan to PAS in the first place’

Tell the truth, Pak Lah. Were you not part of Ku Li’s and Musa’s team that took on Dr M in 1986. Ku Li went on to form Semangat 46. Sure, you stayed out of S46. Why? Keeping your options open?

This is an excerpt from Wikipedia on that episode :

Early during Mahathir’s tenure as prime minister, a bitter dispute erupted within the ruling UMNO party and it was divided into two camps, which were colloquially known as ‘Team A’ comprising Mahathir loyalists, and ‘Team B’, which supported former Minister of Finance Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and former Deputy Prime Minister Musa Hitam. Due to this matter, old UMNO party has been declared void by Judge. Mahathir prevailed, leading to the exclusion of Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah from the newly-established UMNO (Baru) or New UMNO. Abdullah was a close supporter of his political mentor Musa Hitam in Team B and subsequently won the April 1987 Vice Presidential race in UMNO elections. However, because of his alliance to ‘Team B’, he was sacked from his position as Minister of Defence. Yet, he did not join Semangat 46 (Spirit 46) party which was set up by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Semangat 46 is now defunct.

When UMNO (Baru) was formed in Feb 1988, the then UMNO President and Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad brought Abdullah into the protem committee of UMNO (Baru) as the Vice President. In 1990, Abdullah retained his seat as Vice President. During the Cabinet reshuffle in 1991, Mahathir brought Abdullah Ahmad back into the Cabinet as Foreign Minister. He held this post until November 1999 when Syed Hamid Albar succeeded.

Pak Lah’s criticism of Anwar :

when Anwar was the country’s number two he (Anwar) too tried to control the media in terms of what came out on TV and in print

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m still waiting for a reason to trust Anwar.

As for you Pak Lah, your agitations as reported in the Star today confirm one thing.

You have done nothing for the rakyat throughout your political career. Your time in cabinet whether under the stewardship of Dr M, or with yourself at the helm, has been self-serving and little else.

You have been and continue to be a miserable excuse of a PM!

Whilst the nation faces anxious concerns about your successor in cabinet as we do not think your present deputy has a single decent bone or sinew in his body to lead this nation, many, most, if not all of us are certain of one thing.

You must go!


Dr M, shut up! We’ve had enough of your “Bersatu Mermartabatkan Ketuanan Melayu” crap. You have done enough damage to this country. Go sell your bread and leave us to clean up your mess!

Anwar, say sorry to this nation for your part in 16 years of mismanagement and many, if not all of us, may find it in us to say ‘let’s move on with Anwar in the lead’. 

Ku Li…

As for UMNO, I say bury the dead!


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