What you read ain’t always what’s said!

Posted on April 14, 2008


You know the Malaysiakini report by Andrew Ong that has it that Tengku Faris had made some rather un-Bangsa Malaysia statements last week?

Well,  Lil’ Hummingbird tells me that she heard from the horse’s mouth that the Crown Prince never made those statements.

Apparently, it was written in HRH’s scripted speech by some official, but he re-worked it the night before he was to deliver the keynote address.

I’m also told that whilst he delivered his re-worked speech, the media reps in attendance were given the original text.

So it would seem that the reporters merely extracted from the distributed original text and did not report on what was actually said.

I’ve suggested to Lil’ Hummingbird that she flutter away and hum in the royal ear that royal steps be taken to clear this most unfortunate confusion.

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