…and sometimes what you read was in fact said!

Posted on April 15, 2008


Got this in the e-mail from Steven Gan of Malaysiakini :

I refer to your April 14 posting ‘What you read ain’t always what’s said!’ regarding Malaysiakini’s report of Tengku Faris’ speech.


In response, I’d like to make the following points:


1. Malaysiakini reporters (not one but three) were at the function

2. We have in possession the audio recording of Tengku Faris speech

3. What was delivered by Tengku Faris on that day was 99% similar to

the written text given to reporters

4. We have matched all quotes in our report to the audio recordings


In the interest of fair play, we would very much appreciate if you could make a clarification in your blog.

Thanking you in advance.



I received the amended text of Tengku Faris’s speech from Lil’ Hummingbird a little while ago.

Have gone through all 13 pages of the original text and the hand-written amendments thereon, and re-read the Malaysiakini report.

I’ve got to say that the amendments do not take much away from the original text.

And I have to agree with Steven that the Malaysiakini report does accurately reflect what was said.

I am disappointed with the Crown Prince.


 Concerned commented :

haha… if so (that Mkini was right after all), then haris is the one who should apologise to everyone including Malaysiakini..

A good lesson that everyone (PM, MSM, journos, bloggers and pollies) please get facts straight before publishing!

Malaysiakini, Andrew Ong & Steven Gan,

My apologies.

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