Benar – Media Berani Bebas

Posted on April 18, 2008


From Birdseye


At long last, here is the logo that the ‘freemedia08’ e-group has come up with. By this I mean we added up all the 2 sen anyone had to offer and then SV Singam brought in this patient, kind and highly talented friend of his, John Cheong, who so kindly gave us his time to help design this logo.

This is a People’s Parliament initiative.

Rationale for the logo:

“The QUILL in yellow is our symbol for a media that will speak on behalf of the people with honour and integrity, without fear or favour.

BENAR in white represents the people’s desire for truth and fairness in the media. To this end, we call on the media to stand forth boldly against the dark forces that want to deny the people’s pursuit of justice and liberty.

We recognize it will be a daunting task for a media that shall DARE TO BE FREE but we, the people, will stand united with you and if our hearts were to bleed, we will bleed as one.

Go forth for your badge of honour.”

Haris, there has been an evolutionary process it this quest that began with FREE & ACCURATE MEDIA WEEK.

At first, we wanted to throw daggers at them.

Now we think we should exhort them to work with us and see what that will bring. We can always retrieve our daggers.

Here is what Singam said earlier that sums it up, taking into consideration the latest twists in the media:

“Our original target of the Benar campaign was the MSM. But…

1. As Birdseye pointed out, the NST is now bashing the establishment. They may have their own agenda but do they get tarred with the same brush?

2. Makkal Osai is certainly not of the same ilk. They are a victim.

3. I suspect there are many in the MSM who wish they could do something.

Which leads me to the idea that the campaign should be more for Press Freedom than against MSM. We invite the MSM to stand shoulder-to- shoulder with us to demand that the press be allowed to publish without fear or favour.”

Another e-group contributor,kleio06, suggested that we could at least persuade those (papers) who support or endorse our cause to show their support by printing our logo (in their dailies).

In essence, I’ve drafted the logo’s rationale to reflect this co-operative spirit.

What do you, your committee and others at PP think of this? Can you introduce this at BUM 2008?

My heartfelt thanks to those who have contributed to this effort, particularly SV Singam, Lucia Lai and kleio06