If power is with the people, are we to suffer Najlb as PM?

Posted on April 23, 2008


 Seriously, when was the last time anyone had anything nice to say about Najib?

Dr M, as I recall, and even he’s singing a different tune now!

So if you don’t want him as PM and I don’t want him as PM, who does?


Or some in UMNO?

And if it’s only some in UMNO, how many?

Was there not a revolt at the 12th GE where Malays and even UMNO members voted against UMNO?

So do the ‘some’ in UMNO and the Malays in general want the same?

UMNO only picks its president, not the PM.

That’s the Agong’s prerogative.

Are we, the people with the power, then powerless?