For the last time, no more hate speech, please.

Posted on May 24, 2008


I am reproducing below, duly edited where necessary, most of a posting done in November last year.


Many have been critical of the many stands that I take on several issues. I have approved all.

And I will continue to approve of any and all comments critical of my viewpoints.

What I will not approve are those comments that I perceive to be venomous in nature, hate-speech intended to inflame anger and inter-racial ill-feelings, or just plain nastiness for the sake of being nasty.

As I perceive it.


Cos I started this blog to pursue a ‘we are many colours, we are one dream’ aspiration.

And I will continue to pursue this not because I seek anyone’s approval, but because I believe in it.

Don’t like these house rules?

Go start your own blog and do what you want with it.

Spare me your hate speech, thank you very much.

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