Is Karpal as Islamic as they come, or a kafir?

Posted on May 28, 2008


…Karpal Singh was not disrespectful to Islam. Karpal Singh is as ‘Islamic’ as they come. Karpal Singh has done what 15 million Malay Muslims would not do. Karpal Singh has done what 15 million Malay Muslims should have done. Karpal Singh did what the First Caliph of Islam, Abu Bakar, said that God had Rightly-Guided him to do’ – Raja Petra Kamarudin.

You can read RPK’s post in full where this excerpt appears HERE.

Karpal Singh is as ‘Islamic’ as they come, RPK says.


And I completely agree with RPK’s sentiments.

If one focuses on the substance of the faith rather than its form, yes, Karpal is as Islamic as they come.

Mahaguru58, on the other hand, thinks otherwise.

In his post entitled ‘Wong Chun Wai and Karpal Singh are a blessing in disguise to Malaysia’s Muslims’, he laments the failure of the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia to see to it that ‘Kaffirs like Wong Chun Wai, Karpal Singh and others to just mind their own bloody business and leave the Muslims alone to live our lives in peace’.

Now, any Muslim will tell you that ‘kafir’ is not a very nice thing to call anyone. You can check its meaning HERE.

A person who refuses to submit himself to God; a disbeliever in God.

In fact in Surah 4 verse 94 this is what God says :

“O you who believe! When you go out in the way of God, make investigation, and do not say to any one who offers you peace, ‘You are not a believer’. Do you seek the good of this world’s life? But with God there are abundant gains. You too were such before, then God conferred a benefit on you. Therefore make investigation. Surely God is aware of what you do”

So why would Mahaguru58 call both WCW and Karpal disbelievers in God?

Has he investigated and knows something we all don’t know?

Whilst I’m still very much against the way WCW runs the Star, I certainly would not say he does not believe in God.

In fact, when I sms’d him this evening to remind him about the journo-rakyat walk this coming Sunday, WCW replied that he might be late as he would be attending morning church service.

And Karpal a kafir and a blessing in disguise for Malaysia’s Muslims?

In disguise?

I’ve always known Karpal to openly stand up for justice and to oppose oppression.

In fact, was it not to silence Karpal’s loud opposition to oppression and injustice that Dr M packed him off to Kamunting in 1987 courtesy of Ops Lalang?

Is it not Islamic to oppose oppression and injustice?

Tell us, Mahaguru58, why you say WCW and Karpal disbelieve in God.

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