Chor Chee Heung, as you pass go, don’t stop to collect. Just go!

Posted on May 29, 2008


Chor Chee Heung, last we all heard, Chang Jiun Haur, the young man pictured below, is still in intensive care.

Malaysiakini reports that you have said that based on a report given to you by police, two police officers were hurt in the BMC fracas on 27th May, one on the hand and one on the thigh, after being knocked by a car.

Tell us, are these two officers hospitalised?

If so, tell us where so we can all go wish them well?

Have you been to see these two officers?

Have you been to see Chang?

Do you know how he is faring?

You are also reported to have said that when scuffles broke out on that night between BMC residents and the as yet unidentified thugs, police on the scene did not interfere as they were waiting for back-up.

Are you serious?

The police watched as civilians were being assaulted with pipes, sticks and helmets?

The report has it that there were about a dozen officers on hand. As I recall, an earlier statement from ACP Shakaruddin Che Mood indicated the number of thugs as about 15.

12 police officers armed with firearms could not deal with 15 thugs armed with pipes, sticks and helmets?

Were warning shots fired?



And you dare say that the police are professional enough?

Is it simply too much to expect you to understand the principle of ministerial responsibility and hope that you will do the honourable thing?