Duh minister

Posted on June 9, 2008


Zahid has advise for bloggers, it seems.

Bloggers should shift their focus from politics to the plight of the needy and the marginalised, NSTonline reports this newly minted minister in the PM’s department in charge of Islamic affairs as saying.

Either this man is daft or, like the rest in his party, he simply refuses to face up to the reality that he and his ilk no longer have a 2/3 grip of parliament and are now left to ponder whether they will still be in government by year-end.


Because the rakyat decided at the last elections to kick out bloodsucking, money-grabbing politicians who have for so long now ignored the plight of needy and marginalised Malaysians.


Because bloggers contributed to the 8/3/08 tsunami by focusing on the plight of the needy and the marginalised by spotlighting those bloodsucking, money-grabbing politicians.

Zahid also thinks bloggers should visit Lorong Haji Taib in Chow Kit to see how people there live.

Minister, for your information, this blogger and friends used to visit the area every Sunday for 2 years from 2001-2003 to distribute food and old clothing to the destitute there on a ‘no questions asked, we don’t judge you’ basis.

However, the then Batu MP from Gerakan complained that there was a group of irresponsible citizens who were encouraging vagrancy by providing food to drug addicts and the homeless.

And there are many more people today who, without seeking any press coverage, quietly do their bit to provide for the homeless.