Accuser was a ‘plant’

Posted on June 30, 2008


Azmin Ali of PKR is quoted by NST online today :

“We were short of staff in the office and suddenly he came and volunteered, which we accepted in good faith,”

Last night, a regular reader called me to ask what I made of this latest accusation against Anwar and whether the ‘plant’ explanation that was being put out by PKR might not be an effort to discredit the complainant.

Now, if you’re a frequent visitor to this blog, you will know by now that I’m not a PKR or Anwar fan.

One person amongst the few in PKR that I do like is Din Merican.


Don’t know, but I half suspect it’s because he has a very kind face.

I know, I know, don’t judge a book by its cover, blah blah blah…

And I do keep in touch with Din from time to time.

More so in the run-up to the last elections.

Sometime in February this year, we had agreed to meet for lunch and I was to pick him up at Anwar’s office in Section 16, PJ.

When I got to the office, Din asked me to take a seat as he had a few loose ends to tie up.

As he attended to those ‘loose ends’, Din proceeded to disclose to me something that I made note of but made no inquiry of at the time. Let me try to narrate to you what he said as best as I can recall.

“UMNO has sent a spy. They think we don’t know. Now we are spying on the spy. And we are going to give him enough rope to hang himself. And when the time comes, we will tighten the noose”

So, no, I don’t think Azmin’s statement as quoted in NST online today is an attempt to discredit the complainant.

I think that on 28th June, the noose around the canary’s neck, or that of its owner’s, had gotten so tight that it started to sing ‘liwat, liwat’ in a high-pitched tone.

I’ll round this off by quoting Ong Kian Ming & Oon Yeoh in their latest Real Politik podcast on Malaysiakini :

‘The notion that a 61-year old with a bad back can forcibly sodomise a strapping 23-year old is laughable. This is simply not the kind of thing that anyone, not even Anwar’s harshest critic, is going to believe’

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