People should not fear their government. The government should fear the people.

Posted on July 4, 2008


On 1st July, my friend Zorro said that it was ok if we all called him a coward.

Zorro was alluding to his decision not to attend the 1 million anti-fuel price hike rally that has been called for by PROTES, for this Sunday, originally to be held at the open field along Jalan Timor, PJ.

Zorro states some of his concerns, which I quote below :

‘Following the events of the past few weeks, it is so clear that certain elements are afoot to thwart any legal attempts towards a change of government. The ruling dumbo elite still cannot get it. The Rakyat said it without much fanfare on 8 March. UMNO is running around like a decapitated chicken; even the two top dogs in MCA have thrown in the towel; the Gerakan has been dismembered and the MIC, what’s that, huh?; the other coalition parties can’t even manage a squeak, although across the waters some roared from the wrong end’

Zorro also said :

‘I dont want to give the opportunity for agent provocateurs to start trouble;
I dont want to see the police clobbering our people at the rally;
I dont want to see our people fighting back in anger and frustration;
I dont want the government to declare a state of emergency’.

Zorro, Gan, TV, Tony and I met at the Wharf last night to talk about the Sunday rally and about these concerns.

And, yes, we’ve been reading a lot lately about joint police and military exercises to ready themselves for any eventualities, and suggestions by the IGP that the military may have to be resorted to maintain law and order, given the events of late.

Are these attempts to intimidate us back to a time when you and I would keep silent in the face of the grossest abuse of power?

I think so.

There were news reports that the police had suggested to Selangor MB that this intended protest be moved to a stadium instead of the intended open field, presumably to enable the organisers to maintain a measure of control over the event.

Well, Malaysiakini reports today that the rally will now be held at the Kelana Jaya stadium in PJ.

I think we are now entitled to expect the police authorities to lend their fullest co-operation both in traffic management and crowd control on the day.

I just got off the phone with Zorro to alert him about this latest development with the change of venue. I told him that with this change of venue, I will come from Bentong in Pahang to attend the rally.

I told Zorro that like him, I too did not want agent provocateurs to mar the event, I did not want to see my fellow anak Bangsa Malaysia beaten by police or to retaliate with violence, or to see the BN government seize the moment as an excuse to declare a state of emergency. For that reason, I must be there to lend whatever help I can to make sure these things do not happen.

Most of all, I must be there because I must not allow a government that should fear us, to get away with attempts to intimidate us.

Zorro has said he will join me.

Please join us to send a message to this government that we do not fear them.

Truly, we do not fear them.

I am informed that the event on Sunday will kick off at 10am.

A map to the stadium, courtesy of Malaysiakini, appears below.

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