RPK’s out

Posted on July 5, 2008


Got to the Sentul police station at 5.30pm but RPK was already in the interrogation room.

You’ll all be pleased to know, though, that RPK went in knowing that friends were out there waiting for him.

He was out by 7.40pm.

We’re at Blog House now and I had the chance to ask RPK what transpired at the station.

He tells me that the statement sought from him today relates to a police report made against RPK by the AG’s chambers on 20th June, 2008 in relation to his now infamous SD and the statement sought today was in relation to an investigation of a possible offence under section 203 of the Penal Code.

RPK’s impression of this evening’s questioning is that the police were more interested to ascertain whether RPK’s informant was reliable and whether RPK had given copies of his SD to Malaysiakini or Big Dog.

no doubt, RPK will give you full details later.

Pete, we look forward to your posting.

See you all tomorrow at Kelana Jaya.

Hidup Rakyat.

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