Jangan lupa, kena ingat! Rakyat bersatu, takkan kalah!

Posted on July 6, 2008


The title of this post was put together by borrowing and re-arranging some of the words of a sajak powerfully presented by Rahmat Haron at the PROTES rally at the Kelana Jaya stadium today. I hope someone is able to put up a video clip of this very powerful ‘people power’ presentation.

Meesh, Helen, Winnie, Crankshaft, Shar101 and I got to the stadium at about 12.30pm.

Enroute, encountered a Pakcik who was on his way out. He lamented that the rally had turned out to be more of a pesta rather than a demo. Said it would have been better at the KLCC.

Also, could not help noting the very sparse police presence and the total absence of any FRU in the vicinity although, once in the stadium, my attention was drawn to cops on the top of the Glomac 3 building keeping tabs on the goings on in the stadium. ( See the first and the last photo below )

In the stadium, chatted with one Arun. He works as a clerk in KL. Told me that he was at the stadium with his family to show support for the rally and to send a message to the government that ‘enough is enough’.

Another attendee, Tan, who had been there from the morning, said he was there to listen to what the organisers had to say. He, however, expressed disappointment that politicians were taking advantage to turn a civil society, anti fuel price hike rally into a ‘tumbang BN’ propaganda exercise. Tan estimated that the crowd that morning had reached about 15,000 in number.

We left the stadium around 1.30pm

Kudos to PAS’s unit amal boys. Once again, you have done an amazing job!

Before I leave you with photos of the rally, let me share my thoughts on the same.

What’s the purpose of a demo?

For me, it’s an opportunity for people to come together, and to know that they are not alone in registering their concerns and dissatisfactions with those mandated to govern.

A demo does not have to be on the streets, and it must not lead to violence, be it by participants or the law enforcers.

And if it can be held in an atmosphere devoid of fear and intimidation, whilst achieving the objects of ‘peoople solidarity’ and ‘people power’ delivering its message, I would say that such a demo went well.

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