Half-truth hadhari, froggie PAS-tors and bamboozled bee-enners

Posted on July 27, 2008


Pesky bird!

At 6 o’clock this morning, lil hummingbird was hovering outside the bedroom window, shrieking ‘Half-truth hadhari! Half-truth hadhari!’.

Had to let him in to keep the peace.

‘Pak Lah is a liar’, he says.

‘Tell me something I don’t already know’, I replied, still barely awake.

‘Power-sharing with PAS in Selangor! Huh, that’s only the half of it!’, the pesky fella retorted.

Knew he wasn’t going to leave until he got it all off his chest.

‘Go on, tell me’, I relented.

‘After 8th March, ole sleepy head felt cornered and alone, and extremely vulnerable. Seemed like everyone in UMNO was baying for his blood. We all know he does not do any think for himself, so someone whispered in his ear ‘Draw PAS in’.

‘He says now he had three meetings with PAS big-wigs and that there was the offer to power-share in Selangor. Yes. What he isn’t saying, though, is that PAS was also offered to power-share at the federal level. He offered PAS 4 ministerial and 3 deputy ministerial positions and in return also sought help from PAS to rid himself of three millstones round his neck.

‘Najib, AG and the IGP.’.

‘PAS was not keen?’, I asked.

‘Some were. Nash and Mus were keen to explore this opportunity to savour power at the highest level of government. But they had too many other big-wigs standing in the way, who just did not trust UMNO anymore.”

‘So nothing’s coming of it, then?’, I asked.

‘Naive fool! They’re still talking, aren’t they? UMNO’s desperate and PAS is just keeping all of its options open. Nobody really knows where Anwar is going with his ‘September 16’ thingy. Start thinking like a politician, man!

‘And speaking of politicians, bee-en component leaders are hopping mad at this offer to power-share with PAS without any prior consultation with them. Reflects how lowly they are perceived of in the present bee-en set-up. Sabah bee-en leaders are pissed off that they were offered so little by way of federal ministerial appointments and yet PAS was going to be given this bounty. This might just help Anwar’s efforts to get crossovers.’

Meanwhile, Bernama reports that Nik Aziz has upped the ante by suggesting that both UMNO and PAS dissolve, and their membership come together under a ‘new Islam-based political party to unite the Malays and enable Islam to be the protective umbrella for all the people, including non-Muslims’.

Star online reports that Dr M thinks its not very nice that PAS and UMNO should engage in this ‘backdoor’ activity, without including the other bee-enners in any consultation. “What will MCA, Gerakan and MIC say?”, Dr M is reported to have asked.

Indeed, what will they say?

You may also want to take on board Karim Raslan’s views on this ‘backdoor’ activity.

Lil hummingbird’s gone, so I guess I’ll just sleep out what’s left of the weekend and try to forget this damn thing called chronic rhinitis!

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