Certified virgin!

Posted on July 28, 2008


Update at 9.23pm : The Star online reports at 9.01pm

6.15pm update : NST online has this report. Star still zilch.

Moderator’s afterthought : Let’s see how long, if at all, it takes MSM to carry this story online. As at 2.25pm, zilch!


Yes, the good doctor has certified that no object, plastic or otherwise, has violated the hallowed walls of a certain celebrity’s anal passage.

RPK broke the story today but there seems to be difficulty getting into MT right now, so you can get the full story from Malaysiakini HERE.

I was, however, able to lift the medical report from RPK’s posting before MT became inaccessible. It appears below.

Imtiaz, there’s your answer as to why the other celebrity has not been charged with carnal knowledge against the order of nature.

The only such carnal knowledge that’s been happening is in the minds of conspirators in high office!

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