Barisan Rakyat’s campaign to send Anwar to Parliament

Posted on August 14, 2008


Barisan Rakyat.

That’s us.

You and I and every anak Bangsa Malaysia who gives a damn about what happens to this country.

And who’s prepared to do what he or she can to stop the rot and to take back governance of our country.

Yes, our country.

Negara Malaysia untuk setiap anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia.

I’ve been reading so many comments about how so many of you crave for that nation.

You all want that, right?

Well, you know as well as I that no-one is going to present that to us on a silver platter!

We’re going to have to work for that Bangsa Malaysia.

What am I on about?

Last Friday, there was a fellowship of bloggers, activists and friends in civil society at the Wharf.

Notwithstanding my chronic rhinitis, I made it for the event because there were two important things placed on the agenda for discussion.

First, reviving the Hartal MSM, which had earlier been put on hold to give room to the BENAR initiative.

Second, bloggers going up to Permatang Pauh for the forthcoming by-elections, myself included.

In the course of the discussion, the suggestion was brought up that given the very strong likelihood that the MSM, subservient to their political masters, would slant their reporting to give the impression that Pakatan Rakyat is already fragmenting, or that race / religion is once again becoming a thorny issue in the country and that a vote for Anwar would destabilise the country, should we not embark on a pre-emptive strike to try and neutralise the mischief that MSM will in all likelihood set out to do?

We know all too well what the MSM is capable of, even though they’d like us to believe that they are now pro-rakyat or pro-truth!

A reader whom I met for the first time that night later said to me that she wished that there was something she could do to help with Anwar’s campaign.

To that reader, if she’s reading this now, and to all the anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia out there, you can help, and really big time, without even getting out of the chair that you’re sitting on now.

By being part of the sms campaign that is being launched through this blog now. The text of the sms appears below.

Media massa arus p’dana akn m’perdayakan rkyt & m’cari helah utk gagalkan Dtk Seri Anwar Ibrm di P/Pauh dgn berita palsu – m’jatuhkan nama Dtk Seri & menanam rasa syak wasangka. Jom boikot! Jgn beli s/kabar & jgn p’caya berita radio/TV. Sebar kpd kwn2 di P/Png & P/Pauh.

Send this sms out to everyone you know, especially those in Penang and Permatang Pauh, and get them to send the same out to those they know. And keep sending the sms out again and again in the run-up to polling day on 26th August.

Translate it into Tamil and Chinese and send it out to friends.

Just added : ( Michelle Yoon contributed to this effort by translating the sms text into Mandarin, as below :

“主流媒介将欺骗人民并且想尽办法阻止安华在檳城的计划,损害他的形象和造成人民对安华起怀疑。 我们抵制! 不要买报纸,并且不要相信广播和电视新闻。“传发此信息给我们在檳城的朋友。

Michelle has noted, though, that she’s not sure how accurate her translation is.

Michelle, we love you. )

We need to help in the campaign by alerting voters in Permatang Pauh to the dirty tricks of BN and the MSM.

Will this work?

Truly, I don’t know.

I do know that nothing comes out of doing nothing.

And I’m not going to sit by and do nothing.

Some of you might be wondering why I’m prepared to now help Anwar when hitherto, I’ve been very critical of him.

My concerns voiced previously remain, but I must also admit that when I heard him speak in Bentong earlier this month, I noted a humility in him that I have never seen before. And I have followed this man in a great many of his ceramah.

Is he a changed man from his UMNO days?

Whilst I hope he is, can anyone ever really say for certain?

In any event a ‘may have changed Anwar’ is still better than anyone from UMNO!

What I am certain of is the change that has taken place in civil society.

Yes, you and I again.

We know that we wield tremendous power when we are united as a single people, committed to each otehr and strengthened by a new sense of self-belief, to bring justice and equality to all our brothers and sisters in this our nation.

We have already savoured a little bit of that power that we possess on 8308, and I pray that we will never ever slide back to the days when we allowed ourselves to be bullied into silence and inaction.

What I am also certain of is that if Anwar does get into Parliament on 26th August, as I hope he does and, I think he deserves, and should he let us down, then, as with all the other Pakatan Rakyat elected reps who might fail us, I will work my socks off come next election to, borrowing RPK’s infamous phrase, send them all to hell.

That’s my promise to you.

I have just sent out the first sms to Mentri Besar YB Lim Guan Eng.

Please join me in this effort.

Like a great many things I try to do through this blog, they count for nothing without your participation.

Saya tetap anak Bangsa Malaysia.

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