The Barisan Rakyat bloggers reporting team

Posted on August 27, 2008


Zorro, RPK, Gus and I had the easy part of the work.

The hard part was the field work

In the first photo below, Viveg ( left ) and Balraj helped to cover the happenings on the ground around the polling stations. Viveg later relayed info from the counting centre.

Second photo, from left : ShogunShah, Badardin and Din Merican were also making their way around the polling stations and relaying feedback to us for uploading, and later giving us a running account of the results as they were announced at the counting centre.

The last photo. The entire rest of the team. From left : Queenie, Marina, Lillian, Zorro, me, RPK, Gus, Viveg, Visu and Amarjeet.

People, it was an honour and a pleasure working with all of you.

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