Do this for RPK, please

Posted on September 5, 2008


Update at 12.14am on 7th September : Signatures stand at 22,622

Michelle Yoon sent in as a comment, a Mandarin sms that she thought you might be able to use. It appears below together with the translation she provided.

兄弟姐妹们, 您是否希望无辜的人不再被冤枉?您是否希望坏人能够绳之于法? 如果您的答复是” yes” ,请签署这个请愿。(insert link for petition). 保存我们的司法制度! 请传发此信息给您所有的朋友。

“Bros and sis, do you hope that the innocent will no longer face injustice? Do you hope that the guilty will be rightfully convicted? If your answer is “yes”, please sign the petition. (insert link for petition). Save our judiciary! Please spread this sms to all of your friends.”

Thanks, Michelle.


You would have read news reports that more police reports were made against RPK today.

And going by what we’ve seen of late, more charges may follow.

RPK says he doesn’t give two hoots anymore.

Which is why we must.

And what RPK needs now more than ever is a judiciary that’s going to hear and decide the present and any more charges leveled against him in accordance with law, free of any outside influence.

You’ve all probably signed the petition to His Majesty the Agong with regard to the appointment and promotion of judges pending the setting up of the Judicial Appointments Commission, if it ever does under the present administration.

If you havent, clicking on the image below will take you straight to the petition. Please give us your support.

The total number of signatures as at 10.12pm tonight stands at 20,772.

The plan is to deliver the petition to His Majesty on or about 15th September. That’s not very far off.

Folks, put our judiciary in order and many of the ills we see around us will slowly start to self-correct.

People who should not be charged will get acquitted.

People who should get convicted will get convicted. Corrupt politicians, civil servants, police, no-one will be immune.

Shoddy prosecutions will be judicially exposed. No cover-ups in the courts.

Unconstitutional laws will be judicially declared as such.

Fundamental liberties will be judicially defended.

The list is endless.

Pak Lah is not serious about reforming the judiciary , no matter what he says. He is presently living out what little time he has left in high office.

You and I, working with our King, can restore the judiciary.

Our King must know that there are large numbers of us who will stand with him.

Between today and 10th September, could we each try to get another 10 persons to sign up. Call or e-mail friends and relatives. Offer to sign up for those whom you know and who have no access to the internet.

sms the url of the petition to as many people as you can, requesting that they sign on and similarly forward that sms to everyone they know.

Ask them to do this for RPK.

You, too, please do this for RPK.

RPK won’t ask, so I will.