Nailing the coffin

Posted on September 11, 2008


‘When you are lied to the first time, you tend to get upset because you  have been lied to. When you are lied to by the same party many times, you would not only get even more upset and angry but you would also develop a sense of distrust of the lying party. However, what is even more upsetting than continuous lies would be lies which are so stupid and so unbelievably astounding that it is a gross insult for the perpetrator to actually think that his or her lie will be believed by us….

…The latest is of course the lie about the trip to Taiwan and Macau being a trip arranged for the Barisan Nasional’s MPs to learn about agriculture in order to enable them to better argue and debate the budget in Parliament! Why don’t they just say that the trip was arranged to enable the BN MPs to visit a UFO site where aliens… – The Navel Gazer.

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