Are you on this list?

Posted on September 18, 2008


‘Open up. I’ve got news for you’, shrieked lil hummingbird outside.

‘Go away. People don’t believe you after your ‘RPK on hunger strike’ false alarm’, I chided.

‘What’s wrong with you people? Is RPK not eating? Is RPK not in a bad way? Does it matter that he’s not on strike but possibly avoiding food served him because he’s concerned about what’s in it? What’s wrong with you people?’

Realising that to-date I’ve have yet to win any argument with this pesky bird, I relented and let him in.

‘Karma, just retribution, an eye for an eye, shylock’s pound of flesh, call it what you want, but word out there is that in the run-up to the impending takeover by Pakatan, many in the civil service, the police, the judiciary, the prosecution have gone beyond the call of duty to frustrate Pakatan’s march to Putrajaya.

‘They may not know it but they are all being noted. Lists are being drawn up. A senior civil servants list, a list of senior police officers, a judges list. Lists and more lists.

‘And when Pakatan finally gets to Putrajaya, justice will be done.

‘A tribunal will be lawfully established to to try these opponents of democracy, these traitors who reneged on their duty to serve the rakyat and instead embroiled themselves in illegalities to pander to their BN masters.

‘They know who they are. Pakatan know too.

‘They plot now. Pakatan are plotting too’.