Thanks, Raymond, for spilling the beans and for staying on in BN!

Posted on September 22, 2008


So much for Pak Lah wanting a free and independent ACA!

Former SAPP deputy president Raymond Tan ratted on Saturday that Pak Lah was so peeved that Yong Teck Lee had the audacity to moot a no-confidence motion against him that he wanted ACA to pick Yong up.

However, so Raymond says, he got on his knees and grovelled and pleaded with PaK Lah to save Yong’s bacon.

Sapp’s newly-appointed information chief Chong Pit Fah rightly observes :

“This is an admission by a BN deputy chief minister that the prime minister can interfere with ACA work”

Well, Raymond, at least we all understand now why you are determined to remain in BN!

Read all about this in Malaysiakini.

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