Hartal ISA on standby mode : RPK to Kamunting for 2 years!

Posted on September 23, 2008


Yes, I too have placed, not only my money, but also my freedom on Anwar. And if Anwar fails to deliver his promise on 16 September 2008, not only he but I as well am headed for a fall. But I have confidence he will do it. And I have confidence that my stay in Kamunting will not be for two years but for a mere two weeks.

But if I am wrong…..well, then see you maybe in six or seven years time, because for sure Najib Tun Razak will not release me in 2010 when he becomes Prime Minister. What he would do, instead, would be to rollover my two-year detention another two years, and another two years, and another two years, until I am too old to think and write anymore.

Till we meet again, if we do meet again, take care and keep the flame burning. There is still a long fight ahead of us in bringing reforms to this beloved country of ours’ – RPK, in his ‘High stakes poker game or gunfight at the OK Corral?’ post of 6th September.


RPK will be sent to Kamunting Detention Centre in Taiping, Perak today to begin his two-year detention under the Internal Security Act, reports Malaysiakini.

Hamid Albar signed the orders to send RPK to Kamunting last night.

I imagine RPK is already there.

There is much we can all do, if we want to do anything.

But it must not amount to tokenism.

Did we agree on Hartal?

Let me remind you of Fahmi”s 916 Hartal.

‘Hari ini aku berhartal. Maksudnya dari jam 6 pagi tadi sampai ke 12 tengahmalam nanti, aku ambil bahagian dalam satu tindakan mogok dan general stoppage of work.

Ertinya aku…
…tak keluar bekerja
…tak naik bas
…tak naik LRT
…tak bawa motor
…tak pergi pasar
…tak keluar beli suratkhabar
…tak pergi shopping
…tak beli apa-apa barang
…tak keluar makan
…tak keluar tengok wayang
…tak keluar lepak dengan kawan-kawan
…batalkan semua temujanji aku hari ni
…terpaksa cancel interview dengan media untuk cakap pasal Revolusi ‘48
…tak pergi acara sambutan Hari Malaysia hari ni
…tak pergi candle-light vigil malam nanti
…tak pergi parti housewarming kawan malam nanti

Aku hanya duduk kat rumah”

To hartal for a day, and revert back to normal the next would, in my view, be mere tokenism.

Hamid Albar would laugh and spit in our faces.

I need to know how far you people are prepared to go.

And I need to know fast.

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