Petaling Jaya says no to ISA

Posted on October 13, 2008


I got to the PJ Club just before 7.30pm Had agreed to meet Bernard and Gan there.

Bumped into these lovely people at the club.

Dinesh, at the extreme right, came all the way from Kuantan to attend RPK’s ongoing sedition trial.

Just a little before 8pm, we all made a beeline for the padang.

I’d estimate the crowd, at its peak, at about 300 anak Bangsa Malaysia.

Marina was there. So was YB Gobind and Lim Kit Siang.

And so many new faces!

Also met quite a few commentators on this blog. Was so nice to put a face to those cybernames.

I’ve been to many candlelight vigils but I’ve got to say that there was something special about last night.

Don’t know what it was.

Very emotional for me, it was.

Marina spoke, as did YBs Gobind and Lim, Bernard and I.

And you people too.

Loud and clear.

Free the ISA detainees!

Repeal the ISA.

No, we will not go back to the days when we feared!

Never again!

And we all agreed that we’ll keep coming back every Sunday, at 8pm, to Padang Jalan Timur, bringing along more people each time, until all detainees are free and the ISA is no more.

This coming Sunday, get ready to join and sing along as we sing songs of freedom and liberation.

For other reports on the PJ anti-ISA vigil last night, go HERE , HERE and HERE.

I’m going to leave you with the photos I took but before that, I just want to ask if it was just me, or did the rest of you also feel love in the air at the Jalan Timur padang at PJ last night?

Heck, I’ll leave you this song as well.

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