Letter to the Selangor state exco members

Posted on October 29, 2008


I have received copies of letters from some of you to the Selangor state exco or some of its members on the matter of the appointment of Madam Low as GM of PKNS.

Thank you for the same.

I shall be posting them up in a page entitled ‘Readers letters to Selangor exco on PKNS GM issue’ that will appear permanently on the right hand side of this blog in the side bar. I will continue to update the page with new letters as and when I receive them.

Thank you again.

Below is my letter to all the exco members, sent out today by fax and e-mail


…statements reported in the media and attributed to Yang Berkhidmat Tan Sri Dato`Abd. Khalid and Yang Berkhidmat Dato`Dr Hassan have given the impression that Madam Low’s appointment is a temporary measure, and one that PAS is unhappy with, until such time as a ‘suitable’ Bumiputra candidate has been sourced.

Another media report had it that Yang Berkhidmat Tan Sri Dato`Abd. Khalid had said that the objective of PKNS is to “uplift the Malays by providing them with business opportunities”, when the mission statement of PKNS in its website bears no such statement.

These statements have left many in civil society who, desirous of an end to the divisive, race-based politics of BN, voted you into office, now feeling greatly troubled.

Hence this letter.

The letter in full, in pdf, is linked below.