Now Khalid, didn’t Momma tell you that one lie would lead to another?

Posted on November 11, 2008


many-colours-114Man, he’ll never be able to extricate himself from the web of lies that he’s weaved around himself!

Courtesy of theSun

Courtesy of theSun


‘The members of the group sang the Negaraku about three or four times, each time police told them to disperse at the Jalan Timur field and at each place, they regrouped. They were using it to keep us at bay but we had acted within the law’, theSun quotes Selangor top cop Khalid as saying.

And theSun also quotes him as saying that he did not hear the national anthem being sung when his men moved in to disperse the crowd which had violated the law by taking part in an illegal assembly.

Now let’s get this right.

At the Jalan Timur / Amcorp Mall site, Khalid heard us sing the national anthem three or four times, but he did not hear us sing the Negaraku at the Dewan Sivik vigil later.

That about right, Khalid?

Let’s deal with the second assertion first.

Now, Khalid, if you did not hear the Negaraku being sung at the impromptu Dewan Sivik vigil, why did you not react with ‘What anthem? No-one was singing Negaraku?’ when told that vigilers had complained that your men charged into them whilst they were singing Negaraku, rather than “That is what they are claiming”, as reported in Malaysiakini.

Please view the video again and, in particular, note the loudness of the singing in relation to the din caused by the charging cops.

If Khalid truly did not hear the singing, it could be for only one of two reasons.

He wasn’t at the scene.

Or he’s stone deaf.

And if it’s the latter, ought he not to be medically boarded out?

Now to his assertion that the Negaraku was sung three or four times at Jalan Timur / Amcorp Mall.

I got a call that Sunday night, round about 8.15pm from someone who was already at the Amcorp Mall to say that he had heard that the police were going to make arrests that night. I was then at the Lotus restaurant located at the former State cinema. Immediately, Tony Pua, Terrence, one other person and I made out for the Amcorp Mall.

I have just called the individual who called me that night and he confirms that he had been at the Mall for about fifteen minues before he made that call to me. He confirms that during that time, there were about thirty people mulling about and at no time was the Negaraku sung.

The four of us reached Amcorp Mall at about 8.45pm or thereabouts. I did not hear the national anthem being sung.

From the moment I got there until we began to disperse at about 9.40-9.45pm, the national anthem was sung only once, a little after 9.30pm.

Now, it has long been standard operating procedure for the police to video record rallies and vigils and such like.

So Khalid, produce your proof, if you can, that we sang Negaraku three or four times at Jalan Timur / Amcorp Mall.

And of a certainty you cannot, for we only sang the national anthem once there.

Which leads to a further concern.

Is the top cop of Selangor stone deaf, yet hearing things in his head?

Or is he lying, in which case, Zorro, another one for the chamber!