Oh, fragile freedom, we will shield thee

Posted on November 17, 2008


many-colours-1143904981164I had my hands full at the PJ Anti-ISA vigil last night and did not have the chance to pull out the camera and click away, so I have no photos to offer you as proof of the wonderful evening that it was.

For fuller accounts of the evening, drop by at delCapo , The Whisperer , peng’s thots , Sivin Kit’s Garden , Steest and anilnetto.

Thanks to PJ city councillors Richard Yeoh, Derek Fernandez, C.K. Tan, Cynthia Gabriel, Robert Tan and Michael Soon who were at the vigil yesterday evening. We are proud to have councillors who have shown gumption in walking the talk of the Selangor state government and its people to call for the repeal of the ISA and the release of all detainees. I assure you that my friends and I will not waiver in this endeavour. We hope that you, too, will stay the course and walk with us.

Special mention must be made of councillor Richard Yeoh

Councillor Richard Yeoh - courtesy of Malaysiakini

Councillor Richard Yeoh - courtesy of Malaysiakini

who lent his name to the application for the police permit and had to put up with a difficult fella : me!

Datuk Bandar Roslan Sakiman, wish you had been there last night. You would have witnessed first hand that your acceding to the use of the MBPJ grounds last night was not abused by the rakyat who attended. Thank you, Datuk. Hope to see you there this coming Sunday.

Yang Berkhidmat Dr Zulkifli Ahmad called me after we closed last night to apologise for not making it as he was still stuck in Kuala Selangor. Has promised to try and make it this coming Sunday.

YB Teresa, Loh Gwo Burne, Charles Santiago, your presence was appreciated. We hope to see you and the rest of your colleagues, including our Menteri Besar, join us at future vigils.

I’ve not had a weekend, so I will end this with a short quote and leave you with a photo that I nicked from delCapo of the sweetest anti-ISA vigiler to-date. The photo ought to serve as a reminder to us of the many, many beautiful reasons why we must continue to defend all that is good about our beloved country :

‘In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility – I welcome it’ – John F. Kennedy


See you all this coming Sunday. Please bring your family and friends.

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