ISA : The reasoned arguments against and the mindless support for its retention

Posted on December 2, 2008


many-colours-11There was an anti-ISA forum at the Bar Council auditorium last night.

As the forum proceeded, pro-ISA Malay Muslims gathered outside the Bar Council secretariat.

Amongst others, RPK spoke at the forum. A video recording of what he had to say is linked below.

Malaysiakini took the opportunity to interview some of the individuals gathered outside to show their support for the retention of the ISA. That video clip is also linked below

View both videos.

You will see that the second clip, that of the pro-ISA group, justifies what RPK says in his speech.

Also note the positive attitude of Amin Iskandar to the presence of the pro-ISA protesters outside, at the outset of the second video clip, and his astute observation as to the absence of police to maintain control of the gathering outside.