Is free speech and expression without boundaries? Does defending God and religion know no limits?

Posted on December 9, 2008



No postings the last few days as I wanted to spend the time to take in all that has happened in the last one year and all that we see happening around us now. Trying to put things in perspective. Maybe a post on this, if time permits.

Those who sms’d, e-mailed and sent in comments to ask if I am ok, love you all back.


For a long time now, when people ask me whether I am Muslim, I answer that I do not know if I have done enough to be called as such.

And that’s the truth.

I don’t know.

I’m not trying to be difficult.

I don’t think it’s my place or that I am qualified to say, in absolute terms, that I am or am not.

It’s like finishing a 100 metre sprint on a nail biting photo-finish.

Did you win?

Don’t know.

Someone’s going to look at that photo-finish and tell you if you did enough to make it.

It’s just that I think being a Muslim or, for that matter, a Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh or Taoist is more than just about saying ‘I’m Muslim’ or ‘I’m Christian’ or whatever it is you claim you are.

And it goes beyond the indicia of the particular faith you claim to belong to that you carry on your person.

Or the rituals of the faith that you ritually keep to and honour.

But that’s me.

And I’m always excited about the prospect of a lively discussion about faith, belief and the many beautiful religions that we experience in our daily interactions with our diverse people.

There’ve been a few of those on this blog, I think, and on the whole, I think they have been fruitful.

Well, fruitful for me, at least.

This last Sunday, though, I was saddened by the sheer ugliness that unbelief, on the one hand, and belief in God, on the other, generated in our own cyber backyard.

Someone with whom I am acquainted, Surind, had posted a video clip which, in no uncertain terms, reviled the Haj, the Holy Prophet and Islam and Muslims generally. I am not going to link to that post as I do not wish to lend further mileage to the unkindness that that video unleashed to those who believe in the Muslim faith and the Haj as a part of that faith.

A link in Surind’s post then took me to a reaction to the same on the blog of another person with whom I am acquainted, Mahaguru58. This, too, was ugly, and for that reason, I will not link to that post as well.

Mahaguru58’s post reminded me how, again and again, in the name of God and Islam, we see venomous hate hurled at those perceived as having offended The Most-Just and the Most Merciful and His way of life of peace.

And those who profess the religion of Islam wonder why so many non-Muslims have this notion that Islam advocates violence!

Both Surind and Mahaguru58 seem to have just lent some justification to Dr M’s view that we, as a nation, are not quite ready to handle the responsibility that goes hand in hand with the whole gamut of rights that we are guaranteed under the constitution, and that which we clamour for.


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