Update on JERIT Bicycle Campaign : Police Harrassment Continues

Posted on December 10, 2008


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Today is the 8th day of the JERIT Bicycle Campaign and it is smooth unlike yesterday which was very eventful. After the police non stop attack yesterday, today is a bit okay eventhough the harassment has not stop especially in Perak.

Sungai Siput – Ipoh ( Northern region)

Early in the morning, the lots of police were seen in front of Sungai Siput PSM office who are the local hosts in Sungai Siput. Police e were everywhere in the Sungai Siput area, roads, town area and so on. First they said no cycling, then they say cycling can , red t-shirt cannot. The JERIT coordinators told then off and proceeded with the cycling .

Along their journey towards Ipoh, they passed through 3 road blocks , all asking the same questions and details. Then suddenly I nfront of the Kantan Police Station, the police made the cyclists go into the police station. There they were questioned individually and also asked to fill up a form. In that form there were questions like which gang they belong to and whether they have any criminal records and so on. This action was a clear harassment where the police are trying to label them as gangsters and criminals. The JERIT coordinators protested the police actions and after many arguments and negotiations, the police gave up and let the cyclists go. Thus the cyclists proceeded to Klebang, where they were welcomed by the residents there and had lunch.

After this the cyclists are cycling to Chemor where they will spend a night there. So far despite continuous harassments there has not been any arrests yet.

Melaka – Southern Region

Today morning the Southern team proceeded their journey to Melaka, where the Makkal Sakthi group is hosting them. As they left Gemas, a police car has been following them to Melaka. In Melaka, the JERIT team  cycled from Balai Panjang Melaka, to Melaka town, where they were provided lunch by the local team. Now , the cyclists have cycled to A famosa area where they will be resting as the others do leafleting in Melaka before they move to Tampin. The police team is still tailing them everywhere they go.

In Tampin, we have already received news that the local group there has been threatened by police not to do any programme there. Today, the Southern team will be proceeding to Negeri Sembilan where they will campaign for the next 3 days.

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