17 Released from Kamunting Detention Camp from November till December 2008

Posted on December 11, 2008


many-colours-11Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) released the following press statement today.


Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) has been informed that 17 detainees who were detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for alleged links to international militant Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), Darul Islam (DI) and falsifying documents were released on from November to 4th December this year.

They are:

  1. Mavalavan a/l Muthuramalingam

  2. Mohd Faizol Bin Shamsudin
  3. Mat Tarmizi Bin Shamsudin
  4. Abdul Rahman Bin Ahmad
  5. Abdul Murad Bin Sudin
  6. Yazid Bin Suffat
  7. Sulaiman Suramin
  8. Faycal Mamdouh
  9. Muhammad Shuaib Hazrat Bilal (Pakistan)
  10. Shaykinar Bin Guat (Filipina)
  11. Argadi Bin Andoyok (Filipina)
  12. Kasem Dayama (Thailand)
  13. Raja Petra Kamaruddin
  14. Zakaria Samad (Indonesia)
  15. Ahmad Zakaria (Indonesia)
  16. Terhamid Dahlan (Indonesia)
  17. Ariffin (Indonesia)

GMI welcomes the release of the seventeen as they have not been proven guilty by any open court in Malaysia. We believe that the release of the detainees is the result of the persistent and continuous campaigns to demand for the abolition of the ISA. Furthermore the release of three 6-year detainees Yazid Bin Suffat, Sulaiman Bin Suramin and Abdul Murad Bin Sudin from the ISA is a victory for the recently-launched campaign, “Free 6-year ISA detainees” (Kempen Bebaskan Tahanan 6-tahun ISA), which is one of the main factors that catalyzed the process of their release.

GMI obtained the news of their release from the families of the ISA detainees and lawyers who visited Kamunting Camp recently.

The release of the seventeen, although welcomed, should not be seen as a substantial improvement in the state of human rights with regard to the use of the ISA by the government. 46 detainees are still currently being detained under the ISA, of which four are 6-year detainees. None of the detainees have been charged with any offences. We urge the government to release all remaining ISA detainees and to abolish the ISA and all other laws which permit detention without trial once and for all.

GMI reiterates that punishing or detaining people without giving them any opportunity to defend themselves is barbaric. Uncivilized laws that permit detention without trial are goes against the principles of democracy and should be abolished.

All ISA detainees should be released or be charged in the courts. Even if there is only one ISA detainee left, the struggle will still continue.

Abolish ISA!

Release All ISA Detainees!

Close Down Kamunting Detention Camp!