Watch the spin doctors come out to save Najib’s sorry ass by trying to hang the KT loss round Pak Lah’s neck

Posted on January 20, 2009



Malaysianinsider reported soon after the KT by-election results were known that PAS president Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang ‘took the opportunity to pile pressure on Najib, and said that with this defeat for BN, it was perhaps better that Abdullah stays back as prime minister for now. “I want Pak Lah to remain as PM to see through his reforms. “Pak Lah has shown an open attitude and his leadership has brought much change”

Dr M, who had speculated earlier on in his blog that come March, 2009, when Najib assumes the throne in UMNO, Pak Lah may choose not to step down as PM, would have us believe that the loss of KT was a vote of no confidence against Pak Lah and not a reflection of the sentiment of the KT voters of Najib as the PM-in-waiting.

Dr M, in his obsession to see the last of Pak Lah come end March, forgets that with the announcement in October last year of the transition of power pact between Pak lah and Najib, there is no more reason for a vote of no confidence in Pak Lah who is publicly perceived as on his way out.

The loss of Permatang Pauh in August a reflection on Pak Lah, perhaps, but KT?

And as so many media reports have readily acknowledged, nobody ran around KT as much as Najib did to get votes for the BN candidate.

Well, Najib and Rosmah.

And that’s because no matter what Najib or Dr M or anyone else cares to say, the KT by-election was a yardstick to measure how UMNO might have recovered from 8th March after the announcement of the impending change of guard come March 2009.

Dr M was not on the ground in KT.

The Barisan Rakyat team was and I can tell you Najib and Dr M are dreaming if they think the ghost of Altantuya, mega commissions on arms deals and billions of ringgit of oil royalties unaccounted for did not play on the minds of the KT voters.

Najib knows it, as does Dr M.

The KT by-election was not about punishing Pak Lah for his unfulfilled promises of reform. That punishment was dished out on 8th March, 2008.

No, the vote of 17th January was a message by the voters of KT, on behalf of the rest of the rakyat, that the impending change of presidency in UMNO the PMship is perceived as a leap from the frying pan into the fire.

Rocky would have us believe that many treat what Hadi Awang had to say as some kind of a joke, although Rocky himself takes the fallout from the KT election and its adverse impact on Najib seriously.

Very seriously.

So seriously that nothing must be left to chance.

After all, didn’t someone say that politics is about perception?

And perception, if carefully managed, may well disguise the truth, no?

And none are better placed to manage perception than the media, both mainstream and online.

That truth being that the loss of KT could very reasonably be read as a rejection of Najib as PM.

Yesterday, at about 3pm, a meeting to manage perception took place at La Bodega in Bangsar.

Present at the meeting were Mukhriz, JJ, a person by the name of Khairuddin, Rocky and Nuraina.

Agenda : pin the loss of KT on Pak Lah. Deflect any dirt arising from the KT loss away from Najib. Got to make sure Pak Lah goes in March. Kill any idea that he or anyone else  might have to keep Pak Lah on as PM.

Rocky asked in his post : ‘How far is Pakatan Rakyat willing to go to ensure that Abdullah remains as Prime Minister after March this year?’

Rocky, I can’t speak for Pakatan Rakyat, but I can tell you that Barisan Rakyat would rather suffer Pak Lah than Najib.

And for love of King, country and every anak Bangsa Malaysia, including you, Rocky, we will do whatever we have to.

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