The right of reply

Posted on January 25, 2009



Got a call from Rocky Bru Wednesday last about my ‘spin doctor’ post.

Rocky said there was one big problem with my post.

The meeting in Bangsar that I had alluded to in that post never happened.

I told him that in fairness, I would post an update on that story and disclose our conversation and what he said.

Immediately after that, I made a phone call to another person, and then tried to call Rocky but could not get through, and so I left Rocky a voicemail asking him to call me back.

Courtesy of the telcos, Rocky never got the voicemail.

Spoke to Rocky again on Friday last.

He pointed out to me that the way my ‘spin doctor’ post was written up gave the impression to readers that I had myself witnessed that meeting in Bangsar and not that I was relying on some other source for this bit of juicy info. Therefore more believable, so Rocky seemed to reason.

A bit like how Rocky being quoted, as he was, in theStar in ‘Windmills of political change’ as saying that RPK, Zorro and I were all either inspired or sponsored by Anwar, might leave many with the impression that Rocky knew this to be fact from his own direct knowledge. Eh, Rocky?

Yes, Rocky is right.

The way I wrote up the ‘spin doctor’ post could well leave the impression that I witnessed the meeting in Bangsar that I reported, which is not the case.

I relied on information of that meeting in Bangsar from a person whose integrity and credibility I have come to greatly respect.

It was to this person that I made the phone call after I first spoke to Rocky last Wednesday.

I told him that Rocky informed me that the meeting in Bangsar never took place.

His reply?

“Bro, I will stake my life on it. That meeting took place”.

In my phone conversation with Rocky last Friday, I told Rocky about the conversation I had with my informant and said that if I was going to write about his disputation about that Bangsar meeting, then, in all fairness, I would also have to disclose what was said in my last conversation with my informant.

Hence this post.

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