Dear Rocky

Posted on January 30, 2009



A commentator, either at your blog or here in mine ( or was it at both? ) suggested that both of us have got bigger battles to fight and that we should try to find a way to move on ( or something like that ).

I’m going to try to do just that with this post.

A lie, as I understand it, is, firstly, a statement that is factually untrue and, secondly and, in my view, more importantly, the truth of which the maker has absolutely no belief in.

The second part, in my view, separates the erroneous or reckless statement, from the outright lie.

I note from our two most recent phone conversations and your ‘Haris Ibrahim’s lie’ post that you take umbrage only to my narration of the alleged meeting in La Bodega as a fact.

It is with regard to my statement that this meeting took place that you say I lied.

In my ‘Right of reply’ post, I had disclosed my basis for this statement.Information from one “whose integrity and credibility I have come to greatly respect”.

In your post under reply, you had said that you had expected me to do my homework, to grill and cross-examine my informant.

Truth be told, Rocky, I did.

And that’s what left me with the predicament that I spoke of in our second phone conversation last week and that you have very graciously alluded to in your post.

The predicament?

Who to believe? You or my informant?

Confronted with this predicament, I resolved to narrate both your assertion that no such meeting took place and the insistence of my informant to the contrary in the ‘Right to reply’ post.

You said in your post that you expected more of me.

I am sorry if you feel I have fallen short of your expectations.

Truly, Rocky, had this information come to me this time last year, from the very same person, I would have had great difficulty believing the same. I would have taken time out to meet you at the NPC to get your take.

But that was then, I guess, and much water has passed under the bridge since.

Looking back, I get the sense that before 8th March, last year, the wind of change that hit us was of such magnitude that many of us could not discern the subtle crosswinds that were permeating through blogosphere even then.

Many have wisened up to this now.

You have rightly said that that onus lies with me to prove that the alleged meeting took place.

You have asked that I offer proof of the same beyond that of the words of one “whose integrity and credibility I have come to greatly respect”.

I cannot. That is all I have.

If I have erred in resolving my predicament referred to above by inclining towards my informant’s version rather than yours, I proffer my sincerest apologies.

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