Run free, child

Posted on February 6, 2009



I met Markus only recently at one of the more recent PJ vigils.

We had only spoken briefly on a few occasions.

Markus joined us at the Ahmadiyah get-together on Sunday, 1st February, last week.

Markus ( far left ) at the Ahmadiyah fellowship

Markus ( far left ) at the Ahmadiyah fellowship

On Wednesday, Ee Chia called me to say that Markus had left us.

Last night, I was told he passed on in his sleep.


Last night, James showed me Markus’s calling card that James was given last Sunday.


I knew so little of this anak Bangsa Malaysia.

I did not even know he had a blog.

This, too, I found out last night. You can access Markus’s blog HERE.

In Markus’s posting entitled ‘Yearning to be free’, he reproduced Psalm 38. The title of his post inspired the title of this one.

I knew so little of this young man, but today I know why God brought him into my life, albeit so briefly.

Thank you, Markus, for the reminder.

There is a wake service tonight at 8pm at the Gui Yuan/ PJ Modern Casket, Jalan 229, Section 51A, Petaling Jaya.

The funeral is tomorrow morning. I am told that there will be a short service after which, at about 9.30am, the cortege will proceed to the Subang Lutheran Garden Cemetery.

Someone has created a memorial portal in memory of Markus HERE.

I’ll be at the wake tonight and the funeral tomorrow to bid farewell to this anak Bangsa Malaysia.

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