Posted on February 9, 2009



I returned from Ipoh last Thursday, feeling terribly frustrated with the turn of events there.

My son, I think, sensed this, from the absence of any substantive posting on the ongoing crisis in Ipoh, and sent me a pick-me-up that he penned.

It lifted my spirits.

I want to share it with you. It bears the same title as this post.


There certainly will be, in your life, a time,
Where the world around you is filled with crime,
Where the hearts of people are filled with despair,
With no one to love, no one to care.

In this dark hour,
That we must endure,
There is but one force of resilience,
From which we derive peace and patience.

From this force we gain persistence,
From this force we attain endurance,
This entity is the one we call hope,
The only one that can help us cope.

With all the obstacles in our way,
In a year, month or even today,
And hope will lead us into an era,

Where there is no such thing as dread or terror,
Where good and justice are supreme,
Where the tide of darkness has lost is reign.
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