Mourning the death of democracy

Posted on March 31, 2009



In a poll conducted in this blog in January which ran for a week, readers were asked to give their response to the question “Should Pak Lah stay on as PM or make way for Najib?”.

10,918 people took part in the poll.

Of these, 10,299, representing 94% of those polled, voted for Pak Lah to stay on. Only 619 of those who voted wanted Pak Lah to make way for Najib.

In January, too, a petition was launched, addressed to all MPs other than the one from Pekan, to enable readers to sign on and thereby direct their MPs to communicate to His Majesty the Yang DiPertuan Agong about the anxieties many have about the prospect of Najib becoming PM.

Last week, 142 MPs were notified that 3,946 signatories to the petition had directed them to inform His Majesty that their constituents had no confidence in Najib as the PM of our country.

Glean through cyberspace and you will find that again and again, Malaysians are expressing their concern and horror at the thought that Najib might, this very week, be appointed PM.

Yet, we are told that notwithstanding the clear opposition by so many to his appointment as PM, this must indeed come to pass as he has been chosen to lead UMNO and he who leads UMNO must, of necessity, lead this country!

Today, a little after 2pm, a copy of the petition, the full list of signatories and a copy of the notice to the 142 MPs was delivered to the man who must, in the coming days, decide if we, the rakyat, will have as PM one who so many have clearly rejected.

The Yang DiPertuan Agong has been sent these documents in the hope that as he makes his decision, he will be appraised of the strong sentiment on the ground rejecting Najib as PM.

After all this, should we still have to suffer Najib as PM, I shall treat this as spelling the death of democracy in our country.

In fact, in the light of what might soon be inflicted upon us, I shall, from tomorrow, begin to wear an arm band ( black or white, depending on the colour of my shirt ) as my final act of protest to Najib as the PM of the country that I love.

I ask you to join me in this final act.

I ask that you pass word of this to friends and family.

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