A simple man who won the hearts of the common people

Posted on April 6, 2009



Nizar ! Nizar ! Nizar ! Nizar ! Nizar ! Nizar ! Nizar !

That’s how some 4,000 diners and non-diners greeted the real MB of Perak last night at a 300-table dinner in Simpang hosted by DAP to lend support to Nizar’s efforts to gain election to Parliament as the representative of the good people of Bukit Gantang.

As he took to the stage


diners and non-diners alike, were on their feet to warmly welcome a man who, in the shortest possible time, has won the affection of the people with his genuine concern for all, regardless of race or religion, and his drive to unite all Malaysians and to end race-based politics in the country.


When he stepped up to the rostrum to deliver his short speech,


he was passionate about what he had to say, he pulled no punches and was not bashful in asking those present to give him their vote to send him to parliament.

He call the by-election in Bukit Gantang the TURNING POINT, not just for this constituency, but for the whole nation.

He stressed how, in 10 months of governance, the Pakatan state government had begun the efforts to bring real harmonious co-existence amongst the various races in the state.

The crowd applauded their approval.

“It’s time for change, setuju?”, he asked.

“Setuju”, the crowd roared back.

“Enough of BN. Enough of their discriminatory, divisive policies, setuju?”, he asked again.

An even louder “Setuju”, was the response

“Let this by-election be a message to Najib. We don’t want you anymore”, Nizar urged.

“Let this by-election be the first step to the dissolution of the state assembly here, and then let the other states follow. Let this by-election pave the way for fresh elections in the country. Let this by-election pave the way for a new Pakatan Rakyat government to bring about the changes that the rakyat want”.

The crowd was ecstatic.

“On Tuesday, will you give your vote to send me to parliament to represent you?”

The crowd responded to this with another chorus of “Nizar ! Nizar ! Nizar ! Nizar !

That said it all.

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