When a picture does indeed paint a thousand words

Posted on June 18, 2009



Last Monday, in Parliament, Karpal asked Najib if he had raised a keris at an UMNO youth rally in Kampung Baru in 1987 and uttered racist words to the effect that the blood of the Chinese would be spilled.

Najib flatly denied making such utterances.

The next day, in response to Najib’s denial, RPK published a post entitled ‘In response to Najib’s denial in Parliament yesterday’ in which Pete reproduced a press release by YB Lim Kit Siang dated 27th April, 2007.

In that press release, YB Lim alluded to a Government White Paper entitled “Towards Preserving National Security” wherein the goverment had reported that, quoting YB Lim, ” in an Umno Youth rally led by Najib on 17th October 1987, banners bearing strong words were displayed, including one which said: “SOAK IT (KRIS) WITH CHINESE BLOOD” ‘.

Yesterday, I got my hands on that White Paper.

It’s a damning document of the messages of hate that emerged from that rally 22 years ago.

I also got my hands on reports on 18th October, 1987 of that rally that appeared in our then still largely independent MSM.

Malaysiakini reported yesterday that Anwar had said, “I was not at the rally, I was the Umno vice-president then… it was organised by Umno Youth and by Najib, (so) I have to just take Najib’s assurance and denial in Parliament,” and “…I am not in the position to discuss or accuse Najib, because I am not aware of what he had said,” and “To be fair, my only statement is that, Najib has denied… but documents and banners are available (and) there were very extreme positions, racist and extreme demands and statement (on them),” and “it is best for Najib to make it clear, if there were excessive (statements) made… and admit it, so that we can move on”.

Let me just say now that what Anwar is reported to have said is amply supported by the White Paper and the news reports of 18th October, 1987.

Yesterday, the Malay Mail reported Karpal as now saying that “I wanted to know if he said it, and he gave his answer, let’s just leave it as it is, the matter should not go on further,”

I disagree with YB Karpal.

Why should we leave it as it is? Why should we not pursue this matter any further?

Don’t we have the right to know the kind of man who purports to lead this nation forward?

Was Najib at the UMNO youth rally on 17th October 1987?


Was he leading that rally?

He was then acting UMNO youth chief. I’d say yes.

Did he raise the keris and issue words to the effect that the blood of the Chinese would be spilled?

Don’t know.

Even if he did not, was he not leading  a rally that had on display enough paraphanelia that spelt out the threat to spill blood of a particluar segment of our Malaysian community without the need for Najib or anyone else to vocalise it or brandish weapons?

Is this not enough to make his denial in Parliament last Monday somewhat hollow? Deceitful?

Again, that government White Paper and the 1987 news reports bear this out.

Now this man wants us to swallow his 1Malaysia hook, line and sinker .

Does he not first owe this nation an explanation?

Does he not first owe us all an unqualified apology?

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