“Death in police custody” case R. Gunasegaran : 2nd post mortem and funeral

Posted on August 18, 2009



As mentioned in the earlier post that reported on the court proceedings this morning, the second post mortem is expected to be done on 20th August, 2009, in the morning, at the UH after the body is transferred from the KL Hospital mortuary.

This  morning’s outcome in court represented a small step in the efforts by civil society, working together with lawyers who give their time without expecting any reward or remuneration,  to get justice for Gunasegaran and his family. Its significance may not be apparent now but will become clearer as we make headway in this matter. I will share my thoughts on this in a later post.

The family members of Gunasegaran will be on hand to receive the body from the KLH mortuary on the morning of 20th August, 2009. Some of us will try to be there to lend support to the family. If you can, why not join us?

I’m told the funeral will be this Sunday, in Sentul. Will post details of the same once I have it in hand. I may be in Permatang Pasir on the day, so I hope you will spare the time to attend the funeral and commisserate with the family.

Meanwhile, to those who sent in contributions to make up the costs of the second post mortem, thank you all so, so much.

We needed RM3,000.00.

I have received in excess of RM10,000.00. The actual figure will be disclosed once I get the confirmation from the bank.

The sister of the late Gunasegaran, Madam Gowri,

gowrihas been making frequent trips to KL from Rawang to meet up with the solicitors to make ready for the application that was heard in court this morning.

I am also informed that a small collection has been received by the family from friends of Gunasegaran towards the cost of the funeral.

I would like the permission of those who contributed to the funds that I  now hold to give a sum of RM2,000.00 to Madam Gowri to help defray her travel costs and towards the costs of the funeral.

Once I have the confirmation from the bank of the full amount received and the balance in hand after accounting for the cost of the second post mortem and the contribution to the family of Gunasegaran, I shall revert back to you, kind contributors for your consent to utilise the balance sum for an initiative that is tentatively called “Project 1805” ( A clue : to-date, there have been 1,805 deaths in custody since 2003 )

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