The final nail in Rohaizat’s political coffin

Posted on August 20, 2009


many-colours-11Yusri Ishak, Rohaizat’s former partner in legal practice, and who Rohaizat completely blames for the breach of trust that got him disbarred, held a ‘tell all’ press conference this morning in Penanti.

Malaysianinsider has the report HERE.

Unfortunately, the Malaysianinsider report does not have as much detail as that in Malaysiakini.

Ordinarily, I would not do this, as I think you people ought to subscribe to Malaysiakini to keep them going, but I’m going to make an exception today for the benefit of those who still have not subscribed and do a cut and paste of Yusri’s full bersion from Malaysiakini of what really happened.

From Yusri, as reported in Malaysiakini :

“It’s a blatant lie to say that he never knew anything about the cooperative land and money transactions. Apart from me, he was also the legitimate signatory of the company accounts. To suggest that he was implicated by my wrongdoing is a lie…He was also responsible for the misappropriation of the cooperative funds. It is unethical in the legal profession .. . Rohaizat was guilty of it”.

Malaysiakini reports that Yusri said that he had quit as a lawyer in 2003 and went into agriculture.

Quoting Yusri again from Malaysiakini :

“I was never charged by the Bar Council or had my licence revoked. I did not renew my legal practicing licence because I thought I was not suitable for the profession”.

What follows below is Malaysiakini’s narration of the elaboration given by Yusri at the PC, and not verbatim excerps of what Yusri is supposed to have said.

“He recalled that in 2002, the Penang Small Rubber Plantation Holders Cooperative Society had appointed the legal firm to manage a land deal.

Yusri, who prepared the land sales and purchase agreement, said the cooperative had successfully applied for a RM320,000 loan and the money was deposited into the firm’s Butterworth branch account.

Yusri and Rohaizat were signatories to the account.

Yusri said when the land deal was cancelled after a communication breakdown with the Acheh-based land owner, he had signed and issued a cheque for the sum of RM100,000 to the cooperative.

The remaining RM220,000 had remained in the firm’s accounts.

In the meantime, said Yusri, a friend of Rohaizat borrowed RM100,000 of the cooperative money deposited with the law firm to finance a land deal.

When the friend failed to repay the money, Rohaizat then took over ownership of the land and attempted to sell it.

However, he failed to sell it off and subsequently could not reimburse the cooperative from the firm’s accounts.

Yusri alleged that part of the remaining RM120,000 in the cooperative account was loaned out to yet another of Rohaizat’s friend, who again faced financial constraints.Part of the co-op’ money was also used to manage the firm’s new office in Ipoh.

Yusri said he then took charge of the management of the Ipoh office while Rohaizat remained in charge of the Butterworth office”.

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