To my Hindu brothers and sisters, please forgive them.

Posted on August 28, 2009



Update at 6.59pm on 28/8/09 : The report of the incident by Malaysianinsider makes it imperative that decisive police action be taken against the perpetrators.

Bloodshed has been threatened, and the ringleader appears to have been named. The police have no excuse for inaction.

I’m also convinced after reading this report that something sinister is being planned by some very evil people in Selangor.

Again, stay calm, people.


I am deeply saddened by the actions of a group of individuals in Shah Alam today in desecrating the head of a cow to protest the relocation of a Hindu temple to their neighbourhood.

Malaysiakini has the report HERE.

I refuse to acknowledge this group as Muslims, as their action is unIslamic in the extreme, and mirrors the evil in their hearts.

They are said to have just concluded their Friday prayers before carrying out this despicable act. Any good arising from those prayers must surely have been nullified by this evil that they did so soon after.

I’m troubled by the inaction of the police who were present when the group of demonstrators did their absolute worst.


This is one of the worst incidences of incitement to religious hatred I have seen in a long, long time, and the police watch and do nothing?


Even more troubling is the recent spate of incidences of religious intolerance and extremism occuring in Selangor.

Are these connected, and part of a larger, more sinister agenda to destabilise the present state government?

If so, let’s not fall for it.

To my Hindu brothers and sisters, demonstrate the beauty that is to be found in your faith, and in the process shame these demonstrators.

Forgive them, and do not react in the manner that they appear to want to agitate.

I expect to see the Muslim MPs and ADUNs and leaders  of both sides of the political divide condemn these acts in the strongest possible terms and to press the police authorities to haul the wrongdoers to court.

Should be easy enough to identify the perpetrators from the photographs on Malaysiakini.

Courtesy of Malaysiakini

Courtesy of Malaysiakini

Courtesy of Malaysiakini

Courtesy of Malaysiakini

Anything less and you would have failed in both your religious duty and your obligations as elected representatives of the people.

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