PKR Sarawak delivered into safe hands. In the name of ketuanan rakyat, do right by Sabahans, damn it!

Posted on October 23, 2009



Sarawakian and prominent native customary rights (NCR) land lawyer, Baru Bian

Courtesy of Malaysian Mirror

Courtesy of Malaysian Mirror

is to head PKR in Sarawak.

You can read about this in the Malaysian Mirror.

I first met Baru up in Kuching when I was there earlier this year in connection with the Batang Ai by-election. The last I met him was at a talk in USJ on 1st August, this year.

Baru has the reputation of a no-nonsense, ‘straight as an arrow’ defender of the rights of the downtrodden.

PKR could not have picked a better man, if you ask me.

Malaysiakini today reports that the majority of the PKR divisions in Sabah have thrown their lot behind one division chief as the next Sabah PKR state chief to take over from Azmin. That one name has been communicated to PKR HQ in KL who are expected to decide and announce the name of the new Sabah state chief this coming Sunday.

My source in KK tells me that the one name submitted to PKR HQ is that of Keningau division chief Jeffrey Gapari Kitingan, who is also a PKR national vice-president.

If the division chiefs are representative of the will of the members of their respective divisions, then it would appear as if the PKR Sabah grassroots have spoken up to choose the leader who will lead them into the 13th General Elections, whenever that is.

Question is, will the national leadership of PKR at Merchant Square in KL, do right by their grassroots in Sabah?

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