SABM Roadshow heads out to Penang

Posted on October 23, 2009



Penangites, block out 15th November, 2009 in your diary.

The Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia Roadshow, which has been planned as a full-day event, hits Penang on that day.

The venue : Hu Yew Seah Hall, 43 Madras Lane, Penang

We will kick off the event with a half-day youth workshop “Ada Apa Dengan Bangsa?” that morning, anchored by our smart partner, KOMAS. Participants will be urged to explore our identity, who we really are and what we believe in as Malaysians.

Numbers at the youth workshop, which is scheduled to start sharp at 9.00am, to be conducted with a mix of both Bahasa Malaysia and English, will be limited to 30 participants so that there will be greater scope for interaction.

If you’re aged between 17 – 25 and would like to participate in the youth workshop, send your details ( name, i.c. number,  address, telephone contact number, and what you are presently doing ) to

The SABM forum, simply entitled “Bring Along A Friend”,  kicks off in the afternoon, tentatively scheduled to start at 2.30pm, with the screening of  “Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka”, an excellent documentary by Fahmi Reza, who will himself be at the forum to share some of his thoughts with us. The documentary gives an insight into the state of politics some 10 years before Malaya attained independence from the British. This documentary makes for an excellent backdrop for the forum and Q & A session that will follow immediately after.

A panel of speakers is being assembled to deliver some thought-provoking ideas whereafter participants will be given ample time during the Q & A session to get in on the healthy discussion that we hope will happen. The names of panellists will be announced at a later date.

We will serve light refreshments after the forum and Q & A session and then we will be screening KOMAS’  “Gaduh”. If you have not yet watched this short film, this screening in itself may be reason enough for you take make the effort to attend the forum.

Why is the forum entitled “Bring Along A Friend”?

Quite simply, because that’s what you’ll have to do to attend the forum.

This is how it works.

Attendance is by invitation.

So you’ll have to e-mail us for an invitation, both for yourself and a friend of yours.

Now if you’re a Malay Malaysian, you’ll also have to register a non-Malay Malaysian friend, besides registering yourself for the forum. Conversely, if you’re non-Malay Malaysian, we will require you to also register a Malay Malaysian friend.

As with the youth workshop, if you’d like to attend the forum, send your and your friend’s details ( name, i.c. number,  address, telephone contact number, and what you and your friend are presently doing ) to

Looking forward to seeing you in Penang.

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